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Hank Risan's 1936 Bacon & Day Señorita

Jan 1995
by Bianca Soros

esigned in response to demand for large-body steel-stringed guitars in the 1930s, The Bacon & Day Señorita competed with high-grade models such as the Martin D-28 and Gibson Advanced Jumbo. Various construction attributes of the Señorita correlate almost identically to those of different guitar manufacturers. The guitar may have been made by Gretsch or Regal's Custom Shop, which was known for high-quality instruments. It is unknown who constructed the Señorita, but it was one of the few jumbo flattop models that were available during this period. According to guitar historian John Lundberg, it was a production instrument, not a one-off. Features include a scalloped X-braced top, rosewood back and sides, unusually-shaped tortoise-shell pickguard, and pearloid engraved sunburst peghead. The original nickel-plated Grover G-98 gears suggest that the Señorita was made in the mid-1930s. Ironically, the Señorita was created during the height of the Great Depression where utility took precedence over luxury and beauty. End

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