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20th Century Guitar
Rara Avis -- c.1934 Euphonon

July 1998
by Bianca Soros

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his c. 1934 Euphonon is a modern big body guitar built by the Larsons. They were known for building quality guitars under different names such as Stahl, Dyer, Prairie State and Mauer. The Larson name rarely appeared in the headstock but instead a label or stamp was placed inside the body of the instrument with the brand name. Most of the Larson big body designs were built under the Euphonon and Prairie State names. This presentation 16" x-braced pearl-bound flat top with flamed maple back and sides has a bound headstock inlayed with rhinestones and is one of the first modern blonde lattops built in this century. Gibson, usually ahead of its time, did not start building blonde flattops until five years later in 1939. Larson guitars were favored by the country and western players partly because their instruments were built under tension, which created resonant sounding guitars ideal for radio recordings. Gene Autry, Patsy Montana, and Zeke Clements were a few of the WLS Radio celebrities who played Larson guitars. End

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