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20th Century Guitar
Rara Avis -- A Trio of Early Gibson Electrics

May 1998
by Bianca Soros

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ibson first issued its premiere electric jazz guitar, the ES-250, in 1939. More than 60 years later, collectors consider this rare guitar highly desirable today. Popular with professional players like Oscar Moore, Tal Farlow, and Charlie Christian, the ES-250 incorporated modern materials and technologies, resulting in an aesthetically and tonally balanced work of art. The "Charlie Christian" pickup sounds great and is a fine example of Art Deco style. Thanks to its hollow body, the EH-150 lap steel has a resonant sound that is great for playing country-western music. The EH-150 amplifier was designed for use with instruments and microphones. This basic, early guitar amp was ideal for small ensembles. Electric instruments became extremely popular after WW II, but they were considered avant garde prior to the war. These high-end instruments came with a stylish "Aeroplane" cloth covering the case, guaranteed by Gibson to be "faultless." End

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