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Gibson SJN Country Western

January 1995
by Chris Gill

n 1962, Gibson changed the shape of the Southerner Jumbo from round shoulders to square shoulders. Around the same time, the natural finish model became known as the SJN Country Western (the sunburst model was called the SJ Southerner Jumbo-don't ask why). This version of the Southerner Jumbo features construction similar to Gibson's Hummingbird model. The '67 example pictured here once belonged to Mick Jagger, who played it on the Ruthless People soundtrack and his solo album, She's the Boss. Richie Friedman of We Buy Guitars in New York City gave the guitar to Jagger, who took it to the West Indies to play after he finished these records. Southerner Jumbos built between '62 and '68 are the most desirable square-shoulder versions because the bodies have lighter construction and better tone than later models. Guitar Courtesy Hank Risan, Washington Street Music, Santa Cruz, California. End

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