and MoMA collaborated for TheMoMI's newest exhibition - The Guitar Is Art: Rhythms Of Art & Design In The 20th Century has worked extensively with The Smithsonian Institute to create the stunning exhibition 'Bound For Glory: The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie' has worked with The Museum of Fine Art, Boston to create a gorgeous online version of 'Dangerous Curves: Art of the Guitar'

he Museum of Musical Instruments proudly hosts The Guitar Is Art: Rhythms of Art & Design In The 20th Century. This exhibition was produced in collaboration with The Museum Of Modern Art, New York, and explores the historical and aesthetic relationship between traditional visual art and the guitar. Click to visit 'The Guitar Is Art:  Rhythms Of Art & Design In The 20th Century'Stunning works from such masters as Renoir, Kandinsky and Vermeer are juxtaposed with exemplary guitars from Gibson, Martin, Fender and Prairie State. In addition to an in-depth History Of Painting which covers the fall of Rome up through Jackson Pollock, The Guitar Is Art includes a beautiful Timeline Of Art Movements, where a color-coded layout displays visual arts movements from gothic to abstract expressionism. The profound Influence Of Inventions on the performing and visual arts is made evident with a detailed timeline of notable historical facts spanning the first half of the 20th century. Also included in this exhibition is an interactive Photo Montage of over 100 of the most gorgeous guitar photos in the world. These images capture the detailed beauty and design of the stringed instrument, clearly demonstrating the guitar's important standing in the art world.

The MoMI is also pleased to bring to you the world's first virtual documentary exhibition devoted to Woody Guthrie, one of America's most-loved folk heros. Click to visit 'Bound For Glory:  The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie'Bound For Glory: The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie is a comprehensive interactive exhibition that integrates history, music, photographs, essays, poems, letters and drawings to tell the remarkable story of the legendary Woody Guthrie. This exhibition is meant to be an online complement to the Smithsonian Institution's extraordinary traveling exhibition: This Land Is Your Land: The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie. It also includes informative articles and reviews of the Smithsonian production. The Smithsonian traveling Guthrie exhibition premiered June 1999 at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Los Angeles and is scheduled to stop at other major institutions and museums across the country through 2002.

Click to visit 'Dangerous Curves:  Art of the Guitar'    Also featured at The MoMI is an interactive virtual exhibition of Dangerous Curves: Art of the Guitar which was displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, (MFA) from November 5, 2000 through February 25, 2001, Dangerous Curves provides an in-depth look at the guitar's visual design and evolution from the Baroque to Modern age.

   The MoMI encompasses a multifaceted mixture of history and design expressed through instruments, artists, and their music. Instruments selected for the MoMI include some of the finest examples from the 19th and 20th century, intelligently categorized to create a rich interactive experience that reveals many important aspects of modern culture. These permanent collections provide viewers with fascinating stories of the musical experience. Featured at The MoMI is part of the acclaimed Hank Risan Collection.

    In addition to wonderfully detailed photos, you will discover fascinating information within the MoMI Article Archives, a virtual magazine and encyclopedia that provides a broad-reaching perspective of musical instrument history. Don't miss Manufacturers at The MoMI, for sketches of leading 20th century instrument builders. The MoMI welcomes you to explore these magical icons that capture the essence of the modern era.