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   Virtually every geometric shape has been tried for guitars, including circles, triangles and rectangles. The crescent form, too, has been incorporated into the outline of guitar bodies in varying degrees, but never so blatantly as in this instrument from Kawai. The idea may be predictable, but the execution of the MoonSault model shows charming attention to detail that is typical of Japanese design. The darkly shaded perimeter of the body's outline, shifting abruptly from black to silver gray, suggests the effects of a lunar eclipse, while the fingerboard is playfully punctuated with pearl fret markers showing the phases of the moon. Inlays on the star-like headstock continue the celestial theme. This unusual model was produced only during a brief five-month period beginning in late 1982, though Kawaii, one of Japan's largest and oldest musical instrument companies, first began making guitars in 1956.

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